January Favorites.

photos by me

February already?
 2017 has been...interesting, to say the least.
There's quite a bit going on in this country, and when I dwell on the issues, I get very anxious.
That's why focusing on things that make me happy (my favorites) was so crucial this month.
I believe in staying positive.
Like my favorite yogi always says, "Find what feels good!"


1) the original beautyblender
This is one of my main beauty tools. Lots of people love this thing, and it's because it gets the job done! My Artis brush broke (*cries*), so I've been using my beautyblender for my foundation again. Holy mother of wow. I forgot how well this baby blends everything out. 100% A+ work. I actually need to buy a new one though, as you can see from the image above, mine is getting real diiiirty even though I wash it all the time. I got mine at Macy's!

2) Kat Von D Tattoo Liner
I've been using the Almay liquid eyeliner for 6 years. 6 YEARS! I love it. I just keep going back to it. Then one day I swatched the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner on my hand at Sephora. The black ink did not budge even after washing my hands several times. I kid you not, the black ink actually did not budge for about 2 days. I knew that I HAD to try this product out, and now it's one of my favorites! I had to get used to applying it (since I haven't used any other kind of liquid liner in a loooong time), but I got the hang of it. I really really like it. I got mine at Sephora!

3) Make Up For Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Primer
Yo, so winter is all about that dry skin. Gotta hydrate it constantly. I'm a fan of Make Up Forever, and I saw this and thought I'd give it a try. I love it. It's my first step before any of my other makeup goes on my face. This product "wakes up" my face. My skin looks and feels so refreshed when I use it. A lot of the time, I'll use it, do my eyebrows, and that's it. I'll rock a bare face more often when I use this product because it feels so amazing on my skin. It does its job. I love it. I got it at Sephora!

4) Bobbi Brown Lip Color (in Brownie)
I got a sampler lipstick set from Macy's for Christmas (thanks Mom!) which included this lipstick. I've been using it almost everyday. I have to reapply it after every meal, but I love the color too much to stay away. You can get the full-size lipstick at Sephora!

5) Lush Rose Jam Shower Gel
LOVE!!! This shower gel smells sooo freaking good. Every time I use it, my shower is 100% better and happier. Seriously. I already love showering. It's me time. It's clean time. It's singing time! But this shower gel boosts my mood a ton. This scent is limited edition though (so unfortunately I can't provide a link for Rose Jam, but check out their other shower gels here). It only comes around during the holiday season, so I snatched it up real quick. Trying to make it last as much as I can, but I'm finding that to be a very difficult task since I've been using it everyday. Oops. 


1) Black Rivet Hooded Denim Jacket
There once was a time when I used to look at this jacket and think, "wow I never wear this. Why did I buy it?" And now I think I wear it too much. Whatever. It's all good though. I feel good in it. I (accidentally) post too many pictures of it on my personal Instagram, but whatever. It's all good. I got mine at Costco! Unfortunately, I can't provide a link for this jacket though because it's not available online. 

2) Nike 'Juvenate' Sneaker
These shoes are cute, comfy, sleek, and simple. That's all I need for workout shoes. I never had to break into these, and I LOVE WHEN SHOES ARE LIKE THAT. Ugh. I want this in other colors. I love Nike. Also, I wore these at Disneyland, and my feet did not hurt at all. I was shocked. Shook. Still shook. I got my pair at Nordstrom.

3) This gold heart ring
I don't remember where this is from. Maybe Aeropostale? I received a set of rings for Christmas (thanks Mom!), and this ring is my favorite. I love dainty rings. This ring is simple and fun, and I get to look at it and enjoy it all day. This heart brings me a lot of joy. It's a pretty cool thing. 


1) Jamba Juice smoothies (pictured is Banana Berry)
 I am a fruit lover and smoothie lover, so obviously Jamba Juice is dangerously addicting for me. I've always loved Jamba Juice, but I CAN'T GET ENOUGH THIS MONTH. I've actually been craving it more than I've been craving boba! (say whaaaaat?!) My boyfriend and I have been going to Jamba at least once a week. Goodbye money! It was nice knowing you. Banana Berry is my throwback smoothie. I've been getting that one since I was in elementary school. I also love Mango-A-Go-Go, Razzmatazz, and Strawberries Wild.

OTHER FAVORITES (not pictured):
1) The La La Land Sountrack (I can't get it out of my head, and I'm perfectly okay with that)
2) Writing in my Erin Condren planner
3) Writing in my little book of lists
4) Tracking my steps
5) Grey's Anatomy (my whole family is addicted!!)
6) YouTube (absolutely LOVE Ingrid Nilsen & soothingsista)

Alright folks. That's it for my favorites.
Hope you enjoyed reading all about them.
And as always...
I'm sending y'all lots of love and good vibes.

SF Series: Honey B in the City.

My favorite person in my favorite place.

Happy Birthday Honey!
Thank you for being the ultimate best friend. Our friendship is the best thing that's ever happened to me. We are kindred spirits, and you are with me wherever I go.
I miss you so much, and I wish I could be with you today. I am so proud of you and all the incredible work you do. You continue to amaze me every single day.
Don't ever stop being you!
I can't wait until my big visit to your new city. :)
♡ Sending all my love and good vibes to you today and always ♡

September Favorites.

Goodbye September, Hello October.
Time to talk about my favorite things of last month!
Let's start with 

1) Bumble and bumble. Prêt-à-Powder
Holy wow. I've been wanting a good dry shampoo for a looong time. This. Is. It. I honestly can't believe how good this product is. When I put it in my hair...BYE BYE OILY, HELLO VOLUME! So fabulous seriously. I got it at Sephora!

2) Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder
I tried out this translucent finishing powder to set my foundation and concealer, I love it, and now it made it to my favorites. The powder makes my face feel soft like velvet. Fun Fact: I used this on a very hot hot day in Yosemite (I put on light make up for pictures), and my make up stayed. I didn't feel sticky AND my face felt soft all day. You win powder, you win! Get it at Sephora!

3) NARS Satin Lip Pencil (in Rikugien)
I got this sample as a reward at Sephora because WHY NOT (I used my Beauty Insider points!) I ended up loving it soo much. My mom did too because she bought the full size. Haha. It's a great color, and it has become my go-to lip pencil for my bare face days. Get it at Sephora!

4) Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15
An old favorite of mine. Whenever my lips are burning or dry, this baby saves the day. Especially with the season change, I've been using it tons.
Got it at Sephora (where else?).

5) Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer (in Medium Brown)
Another old favorite. In September, I've really been embracing the bare face look. Most days I do my brows and head out the door. The brow definer gets the job done every time, and it's definitely my most used product. Plus I think Anastasia Beverly Hills does brows best. You can't go wrong with any of their brow products. Get it at Sephora!

6) Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh
When the holidays are just around the corner, Costco comes out with some extra amazing stuff. Exhibit 1: Designer fragrances, $49.99. Excuse me?! IS THIS REAL?! Oh and that's $49.99 for 4.25 oz. So the hunt began for my favorite perfume ever ever ever. My love affair with Daisy Eau So Fresh began in 2011, and we've been happy ever since. I love this scent. It's fresh, clean, simple, and just enough. Unfortunately, Costco doesn't have it available for purchase online, so I guess I'll link you to Sephora????


1) Hydro Flask (32 oz Wide Mouth)
Another old favorite. Hydro Flask isn't the cheapest bottle you can find, but it's worth the money. I've had mine for about a year now, and I'm still amazed at how it maintains the temperature of my water. When I put ice in there, the ice is there for over 24 hours. I love ice cold water too, so I just love everything about my Hydro Flask. Got it on the Hydro Flask site.
Also peep those dope stickers that I got from Redbubble

2) Ben & Jerry's Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz!
I love coffee. I love ice cream. I love coffee ice cream.
This tastes like any other good tasting coffee ice cream, but they add little bits of espresso beans in it that make this flavor unique! SO ADDICTING! Especially when I have this very convenient pint size all to myself. I got it at Safeway!

3) Coconut Coffee
Yet another old favorite. One day I felt like having some coffee, and then boom! I started drinking it everyday like I used to. Wow yay. I got it at Costco!

Next up...

1) Concert shirts
I've been to 3 concerts so far this year. I have 2 more left to go to!
I went to see Fifth Harmony and Drake & Future in September. I love the merchandise that I chose.


1) Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle (Pumpkin Pecan Waffles)
This candle is everything to me. I actually walked into a Bath & Body Works store and instantly cried because this scent brings back so many memories of past Falls and Winters at my house. My mom loves candles, and at home, we burn through a lot of them at the end of the year. I love Fall and Winter. I love Christmas. Anything that reminds me of this time of year makes me super emotional. Get my favorite Fall scent at Bath & Body Works!

2) ban.dō Sticker Books
I love ban.dō's style. It's current and has a lot of pop culture references. I like using their stickers in my Erin Condren LifePlanner. I use my planner as a regular planner and simple scrapbook. The stickers are perfect for me because they add color and personality to my planner. I got it at ban.dō!

OTHER FAVORITES (not pictured):
1) Grilled cheese sandwiches from In-N-Out (it's a secret menu item)
2) Yoga
3) Ariana Grande's Dangerous Woman album (OMG!!!!! SO GOOD)
4) Drake
5) LED lamp for gel nail polish
6) Taking risks
7) Blogging :)

Sending you good vibes...as always :)