Friday Photography

Is it Friday already?! That means my Spring Break is almost over :( It's okay, my Spring Break has been really fun. I love staying home, doing nothing, and not worrying/stressing out about school. It's been great. 
I'm excited for my first Friday Photography post! Every Friday I will post some pictures that I took throughout the week. 
So here are some pictures and I hope you like them. :) ♥

Today was a lovely day with lots of sunshine so my parents and I decided to walk around in an old town and take some pictures. I love the vintage country feel of this old town. It's filled with little boutiques and cute cafes. We ate brunch at one of my favorite places, La Boulange Bakery, and we had yummy sandwiches. I had a La Boulange Club with bacon, turkey, and avocado! So delicious. I also took a picture of my mommy's coffee at Peet's and a picture of my awesome camera ring. I hope you had a wonderful day too. ♥

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