Friday Photography

Sadly, there was no photo walk today. :( We all slept in this morning! It was lovely, really. Last weekend was filled with hot sunny days. It was so great. On Saturday, my family and I ate out at many places (one of them being In N Out!) Yummy. I found those pictures on my camera...completely forgot about them! They made me very hungry. Ha! 
Anyways, today was a simple day. I watched My Week with Marilyn and I really enjoyed it. My best friend is a HUGE Marilyn fan so I watched this movie with critical eyes (I couldn't help it). But I loved it. My favorite part? THE FASHION OF COURSE! I was in awe of it all. I wish people still dressed like that. During the movie I snacked on some watermelon. Random Fact #5: I am a fruit lover. 
This watermelon was so sweet and juicy. Great stuff. After the movie, I started my Insanity workout! Man that was intense! I had to take a lot of breaks, but I'm excited to change my lifestyle and lose some weight. Now I'm just watching some TV with my mom.
Have a great night. :) Hope your day was fun! ♥


  1. God!! Now I'm hungry; nice pictures by the way, love your blog sweety

    1. It makes me hungry every single time I look at it! Thank you so much. :)