A late Friday Photography

Sorry for the late Friday photo post! I was very busy on Friday, got home very late, and didn't get a chance to post. :(
I went on another photo walk with my dad on Friday. Friday was such a pretty and sunny day! We went to a very cool outdoor shopping mall. I really love places with cool vibes. This place definitely has a cool vibe! It really reminds me of the Americana in SoCal. I miss LA a lot. Anyways, they had a cute Urban Outfitters in the corner of the street and I was excited to look around inside. It's one of my favorite stores. There are apartments above the little shops and I went GAGA over these teal apartments. It looks like New York City or something. So awesome! Finally, we came across this tree that had lanterns in it. Random fact #2: I love lights. Everywhere and anywhere. I wish I could see how this tree looked at night. It made me want a big tree full of lights in my backyard. Ahh, I will have one someday! :) 
Have a great night. 

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