Chances Are is BACK + Maxi Dress Love

Maxi dress - Macy's / Sandals - Aldo

HI EVERYONE! I'm back! I'm so excited to start this blog back up again. Where have I been? I've been a busy bee finishing up second semester of my first year of college! Man, I was knee deep in all these finals, projects, tests, and essays. It's ridiculous how all the professors make everything due at the same time. But it's over now, thank goodness! I finally found the time to breathe and relax.  I have a lot of posts just DYING to be posted. Ahh! I can't wait to show you.

If you haven't already blog has a new look! I was busy on photoshop all day just playing around with a bunch of stuff I downloaded from PuglyPixel's freebies. Please go check out her site because it's simply wonderful. 

I'm also really excited about my maxi dress! Ahh!! I got it a couple weekends ago to wear for my Hawaiian themed family reunion...yeah, we are a pretty interesting family. :) As you can see in the mini photoshoot above, I was having a TON of fun (maybe too much) twirling around.  I was amazed that the maxi dress fit me because I'm usually too short for long dresses like this. It was obviously meant to be! Haha. :) I can't wait to buy more dresses for the summer! Random fact #6: It's a goal of mine to collect a bunch of dresses.

Well, have a great night! I'm off to do my Insanity workout.

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