Not So Friday Photography

Yes, it's Saturday! I only have photoshop on my old computer, and it was driving me bonkers! It kept shutting down on me, and photoshop kept closing. :( It took forever to get anything done! So I'm sorry that this Friday Photography is late. I hope you'll forgive me! Hehe. :P Luckily, today my computer was being nice to me. :)
Yesterday my mom made some crepes. Who doesn't love crepes? Earlier in the year, my mom and I were obsessed with crepes! We were trying to perfect the recipe and make them nice and it's been a while since we made crepes. However, I'm always craving them. Here's some pictures I took while my mom was getting the ingredients together in the kitchen. Maybe I'll share a crepe recipe someday on my blog?
I also wanted you to see these pretty measuring cups from Anthropologie! They always have the coolest, most unique stuff there. 
I'm off to get ready to go to a dinner and meet up with my best friend. I miss her so much! :)
I'll be sure to take pictures and post them tomorrow. Have a great Saturday! :)

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