Cherry Pickin'

What? There was no Friday Photography post on the 8th? Crazy. Well, I wanted to wait for Sunday because on Sunday I went cherry picking with some family friends. It was my first time. Man oh man, it was 90 something degrees! I was sweating up a storm. So attractive, huh? When we got there, we went inside this little shop where they sell pastries, ice cream, and other treats. It smelled so good inside, and it was nice and cool inside because of the lovely fan! The store had such a cute vibe to it! The best part about cherry picking was that I got to pick cherries with my brother and bestfriend, Valerie. The three of us separated from the rest of the group, and we ended up joking around and laughing extremely hard like the good old times! After that the gang went to Fenton's! It was perfect because it was scorching hot. We spotted a fun little play area and decided to take pictures there too. They had this huge checkers board there! They also had an area full of birdhouses. It was really cool. My stomach ached because of laughing too hard at my brother. He's one of the goofiest guys I know! I had such a fun day. :) 

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