Good Mornings

I've been having a lot of good mornings lately simply because I've been waking up early. It's so lovely.
So I woke up early today to have breakfast with some family friends that live out of town. I love going to new places and trying new food. The is my second time having beignets, so they are fairly new to my life. It's great. I love beignets, man. This place was called Powderface, and I don't know about you, but I think that is such a bizzarre name. It's kinda cool. I loved the vibe of this cute little cafe. They had a whole wall of pictures of costumers with "powder" (powdered sugar) on their faces having a blast eating beignets. The whole time I was thinking: "how do I get my powdery face on this wall?" After a lot of chatting and telling stories, we headed to a new place to eat. We decided to go to this Cambodian restaurant. I've never been to nor have I have I ever tried eating at a Cambodian restaurant. It felt great to do new things today. I also had a great time walking around on this lovely sunny day. Ah, the wonders of summer. I hope you had a fabulous Sunday. :)

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