I'm in love with: Disneyland

I'm a little kid at heart because Disneyland will always be one of my favorite places.  I was fortunate enough to get invited 2 weekends ago by my best friend (Valerie, I call her Val or Wifey) and her family to another trip to Disneyland. The last time I went with her was 4 years ago! A lot has changed since our previous trip. It's funny because I was a freshman in high school last time we went, and now I'm a freshman in college (well I was). She was a junior in high school, and now she is a junior in college. 
This trip coule not have come at a better time. We left RIGHT after my finals, and I have been craving the thrill of a theme park for months now. When I woke up to a text from Val asking if I wanted to join them for Disneyland, I was beyond happy. This trip was exactly what I needed. 
The photos above are from my Instagram account. The first picture is a picture of my Minnie Mouse inspired nails. I later added Mickey Mouse pants (very similar to this) to my middle fingers. Jazz Express Kitchen was the first place we ate at the night we arrived to Anaheim. It's located at Downtown Disney, and I love it because it is New Orleans themed. I tried my very first po-boy chicken sandwich and some delicious beignets! Val and I then went into our favorite souvenir shop, World of Disney.  I found a cuddly, fuzzy plush of Lotso from Toy Story 3. He's adorable; unfortunately, he is a horrible character because he's so mean! But it was really neat that he actually smells like strawberries!  Val and I were really excited to match with our Minnie Mouse ears. We get excited over anything Disney because we are such big Disney freaks! I even painted her nails the same as mine the night before so we could prepare for Disneyland the next day. The first ride of the day was this Ariel ride at CA Adventure. It was my first time riding it because it wasn't there when I went last year. I'm a big fan of Ariel so I thought this ride was really cute.  Prince Eric is one of my favorite Disney princes. He's sooo dreamy. As you can see, Disney was PACKED. It always is, but I have never, in my entire life, seen it THIS busy before.  Never go on Memorial Day weekend, folks. Even though it was extremely busy, I still had a lot of fun. I have this very old plush of Simba from the Lion King that I've had since I was 1 year old! So when I say old, I mean old! I was happy to see that they had a Simba pillow pet at one of the souvenir shops in Adventure Land.  They usually don't have Simba merchandise like that. I wanted to buy it, but it was out of my budget. :( We watched World of Color which is one of my favorite things ever on Earth. I'm obsessed with pretty colored things, and World of Color is a big show devoted to pretty colored things. Our last ride of the night was teacups! Again, I love lights and pretty colored things. Just look at those lanterns! 
Have any fun Disney stories to share? Tell me in a comment! I'd love to hear about your Disney experiences. :)

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