I'm in love with: Songza

I know what you're thinking...why does this post look like an advertisement? Well, I was just playing around with things on photoshop, and I thought that text on my pictures would suit this particular post because I needed to point things out to you. I'm also a BIG fan of this app, so I definitely recommend that you try it out. Did I mention that it's free?!
My best friend showed me Songza while we were at a picnic, and I instantly fell in love with it. It's a music app that lets you listen to the right kind of music based on what you're doing.
It gives you activities that you could possibly be doing during the time of day. In my picture, it was Thursday evening, and I had those activities to choose from. Once you choose an activity, it takes you to a list of genres that you can choose from, and from there you get playlists that play music from that genre. It's really neat. 
For example, if I chose "Work or Study (No Lyrics)" from the activities, I could choose Classical from the genres, then a playlist called "Getting to Know You: Mozart." 
The majority of the playlists are made by the lovely people who work at Songza, but Songza users can also create playlists for other people to listen to. 
Once you press on a playlist, you can give a thumbs up or a thumbs down on songs so Songza knows what kind of music you're into. What I love about this app is that there are no ads interrupting your music time. How awesome is that? (very awesome).
I think the thing I love most about this app are the titles of the playlists and the long list of activities they have for you to pick from. A lot of them have clever titles or funny titles. I often find myself giggling to myself over all the choices. 
So if you are an iPhone user, a music lover, a playlist maker, or whatever you may be, I think this app is worth a try. I'm not sure if it's available for Androids; however, Songza can be used online! Just go to songza.com and sign up.
It's free, it's easy, it's just heavenly.
Have a fab Friday!
My weekend starts...now! :) ♡

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