New Places

A couple weeks ago, I went to a fair near my hometown for the very first time. It was really interesting. There was a lot to see and do. I loved how there were a bunch of shops. It was like a swap meet. It's fun to see how each person sets up their little store. You can automatically see what their personality is by how they design their store. Man there was a lot of food there! They had anything and everything you could be craving. They had American food, Chinese food, Indian food, Mexican food, Thai food, Italian food, etc. Just yummy yummy food for miles. 
Like any other fair, they had displays for winners of all sorts of things. It was beautiful walking into a room full of first place flowers! They looked so cute and colorful sitting on the shelves. There were also first place winners for vegetables scattered around the room as well. 
There was a section of the fair (which was such a HUGE fair by the way...) where people display their frontyards and backyards. I've never seen anything like it. It felt like a dream. Imagine hundreds of fountains, flowers, and other plants surround you. It was a wonderful place to walk through. Everything was so beautiful. I simply couldn't put my camera down.
Oh my gosh! I almost forgot about the bunnies. There was a section for animal related activities. There was a place where you could pet bunnies and purchase bunnies! All I could say the whole time was, "oh my gosh! Look at those wittle ears! Look how cute this one is! Aww, I want a bunny!" I couldn't get over how adorable they were. 
I had a blast. Despite the heat, I had a great first experience at the fair, and I can't wait to take my entire family with me next time. 

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