You're a Wizard, Harry!

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Last year, I dressed up as a student from the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.  I represented the Slytherin House. OH YEAH! I am an absolute Harry Potter nerd, so this costume was gold to me. I would totally love to share a picture of me wearing the costume, but all of the pictures taken last year are not the kind of high quality pictures I would like them to be for my blog. I'm sorry about that. :/ It's such a bummer! Anyways! This was probably one of my favorite costumes I have ever put together. Putting it together was also very easy, and I'll show you how you can get the look!

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The colors of the Hogwarts uniform are pretty much black, gray, and white. The only pop of color you really get is from the tie with the House colors on them. The items shown above are probably items you can already find in your closet or tucked away in the attic somewhere in your house.  However, if you don't have these items, I provided some links as to where you can find them.  They are all fairly good prices suitable for a small budget.  Last year, I looked up pictures of Hermione Granger's uniform, and I tried my best to recreate her look.  It wasn't too hard to find any of the items because they are the kind of clothes that can be found at any clothing store. 
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I got my wand at Hot Topic. Last year around this time, they were still selling merchandise from the final Harry Potter movie of the series. Being a major Harry Potter fan, I knew I was going to buy a wand before I even knew what I was going to be for Halloween. Oh, typical silly Jesse. Haha! Since it's Halloween time, there should be a couple wands around any Halloween store. But if you're looking for cheap wands that look like the real wands from the movie, then check them out on Ebay! I found some nice qualities ones for you guys. :) I also bought a Slytherin tie at Hot Topic. Unfortunately, they don't sell as much Harry Potter merchandise as they used to because the series is over. :( It's very sad news for us Harry Potter fans!

I'm lucky enough to have an older brother with an old black graduation gown.  We went to the same school and at our school girls wear white and boys wear black.  Thank goodness for my brother! I just googled "Slytherin house crest" on Google, and I printed out the best looking one I could find.  Since I was only going to wear my costume twice, I didn't care that my crest was printed on computer paper.  I first tried to tape the crest on, but that did not work at all. I tried a safety pin, and it worked perfectly.  It stayed on the whole time.  The crest is actually still ON the gown because I never returned the gown to my brother. Oops. Maybe I "forgot" to return it because I like the idea of having a Slytherin robe in my closet. ;)
I will share my second favorite costume with you guys soon!
I'm so excited for Halloween.
Have a fabulous night. :)

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