Back Again.

Outfit Details: Top/BP - Jeans/Forever 21 - Boots/Urban Outfitters - Cardigan&Socks/Target - Ring/Forever 21

I miss doing outfit posts. This was taken on a very rainy fall day, and there's nothing better than feeling that fall weather kick in. My little sister took these shots for me as I was explaining to her how I wanted her to frame the shot. I learned two things. 1) Have patience with her. She's younger than me, and she's not always going to see what I see the first time around. I get frustrated easily when my vision isn't going the way I originally planned it in my head. 2) My sister is good with the camera. She can take great shots, and if she keeps practicing, she'll get even better as she gets older. 
I'm planning on sharing a little thought every time I post a new outfit. I want to go beyond an outfit post. So cheers to adding thoughts into my fashion world. 
Have a great day. :)

P.S. I love my top so so much. It gave my outfit a pop of color. I think fall needs some pops of color once in a while...or maybe all the time. Who knows...

P.S. Part 2.....doesn't this cardigan look mighty familiar? :P

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