New Year, New Goals.

On my birthday, I made a list titled: "19 Before 20." 
It's a list of 19 things I'd like to accomplish before I turn 20. I prefer this over New Year's resolutions because I feel that I can commit to this list better. I also don't stress over anything on the list. When it comes to New Years resolutions, I feel the need to complete everything on the list or else I deem myself a failure. 
I also made a list for my 18th birthday. I got the idea from Elsie and Emma on A Beautiful Mess, so I've been doing it ever since. It adds more excitement to birthdays.

So here's my list!

19 Before 20:
1) Get driver's license (ugh, finally)
2) Plan earlier for my blog
3) Move to SF
4) Finish my college application
5) Learn guitar or piano
6) Make new friends
7) Make popup cards
8) Learn how to croche
9) Buy more dresses (add color to my wardrobe)
10) Make creme brûlée
11) Record songs
12) Read 5 books
13) Go to a concert
14) Start Insanity again
15) Hangout more
16) Adopt a cat
17) Donate blood
18) Buy a keyboard
19) Add different clothes to my closet

My goal is to finish as much as I can on my list this year. It should be a fun-filled year full of many projects. :) I encourage you to make a list for your age too! Who might find it interesting to see how many goals you have. 

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