DIY: Memory Jar.

Now that the first month of the year has come to an end, and we have created the first memories of 2013, I thought that this would be a great DIY project to try out. 
My bestfriend told me about this idea. He thought I would love it because I like projects and writing things down in a calendar. I decided to start this project and see what happens. I like to try new things, so why not? 
My plan is to read all of the memories, that I've written down, on New Year's Eve as a way to wrap up the year, reminisce over the great memories, and get ready to create new memories for 2014. I challenged him to make a memory jar too, so we can read our memories together on New Year's Eve. 
Will you join us and try this memory jar project? (do it! it'll be fun)

You will need: blank strips of paper, a jar you don't use anymore or need, markers/something to write with, tape, and scissors! I chose fun shape scissors, but you can use regular scissors.

1) Write memories! Take the blank strips of paper (I cut jumbo notecards into strips) and write memories on them. I kept it simple. I put the event then wrote the date on the bottom.
2) Fold the strips! This is optional. If you don't want to fold them, it's totally fine. I personally think the memories look better when they are folded inside the jar. 
3) Make a label! Using one of the strips of paper, make a label for the jar. Decorate it any way you want. I kept my label simple.
4) Tape the label! Tape the label onto the jar. I trimmed my label before taping it. 

After that, you're done! Just put the memories into the jar.
I can't wait to read my memories on December 31, 2013. It'll be a great way to reflect on the good times during my year, and it'll definitely put a smile on my face :) ♡

photos by me

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