Friday Photography.

 ♡ Happy Friday! 
Last week was Valentine's Day, and I spent the holiday on the road. But before we (my family and I) got on the road, we stopped by Bagel Street Cafe which is one of my favorite bagel shops.  In honor of Valentine's Day, they made all of their bagels into heart shapes.  I thought that was adorable!
The pictures of me are the result of my sister and I having a little fun in the car.  Driving to LA for us means a 5 hour drive, so why not pass the time by snapping a couple pics?
♡ Have a fabulous Friday! 
I'm a little sick, so I'm going to rest up because I have two tests next week. Back to back! OH YEAH! 

photos by my little sister & me
outfit details: flannel - Target; shades - Forever 21

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