These are some snapshots that I've taken in the past couple weeks. I've been pushing myself to take more shots. Anytime I see anything worth taking a picture of, I do it, right in that moment. 

For the longest time, I thought I knew what I wanted this blog to be based on what I've seen on other blogs. I realized that I let myself forget why I wanted to create this blog in the first place. I think that is the sole reason why I've neglected this blog countless times.

My photography is what's most important to me. My intention of this blog is to share my snapshots with anyone who is willing to take a look at them.
I vow to myself to never forget what the purpose of all this is.
So I'm going to keep pushing myself to continue to take a lot of pictures, but also continue to do it for me.
I will continue to do my own thing, and I need to stop feeling bad for not creating a bunch of projects for this blog. I need to remember that it's okay to keep my blog simple. I don't need to force myself to make outfit posts or DIY posts or food posts. I'll continue to do what makes me feel good.

Have a beautiful Monday & a beautiful week.
Sending you good vibes ♡

photos by me


  1. I LOVE blogs like yours. full of super unique photographs! I love getting inspiration from people who have more creative eyes than me ;) lovely photo's!


    1. Wow!! Thank you so much Lexie! That definitely made my day <3 You have such a cute blog! :)