Friday Photography.

#FridayPhotography meets #FitnessFriday
I don't know if that hashtag is a thing, but there it is.  It's another title I've given to my Fridays.
Fridays are now for my photography and fitness.
Tennis and photography are things I've fallen in love with because they were introduced to me by my dad.
Countless summer mornings have been spent perfecting forehand and backhand swings. He grew up playing tennis, and thanks to him, so did I. It's my absolute favorite sport. We enjoy playing together. He taught me how to make a good shot on the court...and take a good shot with a camera. He taught me how to be aware of the placement of my subject and how to frame my subject properly. I'm very thankful that I have photography as a means of expression.  
Today, my dad and I decided to rally on our favorite tennis court.
For us, it's a fun way to exercise and spend some time together all at the same time.
Here are some snapshots I took from this morning.
Enjoy! ♡

photos by me

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