Good Meow-nring.

Yes, I tried soo hard to put "meow" into my title. It's very apparent. 
Anyways, this is the first time I've ever done an outfit shoot in the morning.  I like the soft lighting that mornings bring, and the rainy, gloomy sky made it that much better. I was surprised that my sister and I found time to squeeze in a quick shoot before we both went off to our schools.  Believe me, it's extremely rare that I have 10-15 extra minutes to relax in the morning which is probably why this is one of my favorite shoots ever.
My rule with my style is that I will only wear clothes, shoes, accessories etc. that make me feel good and happy. So this cat sweater? Oh yeah, it definitely makes me happy!
 ♡♡♡ Have a wonderful Wednesday ♡♡♡

outfit details: sweater, jeans, blouse, ring - Forever 21; backpack & boots - Urban Outfitters; umbrella - I randomly found it in my house haha!
Photos by my little sister :)

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