I Travel Daily.

Oh joy! It's the end of my spring break....
Ugh, it was a really wonderful week. I'm always sad to say goodbye to breaks from school. Don't get me wrong, I love school. I'm very thankful and blessed that I get to go to my dream school. I just needed a break. We all need breaks.
I'm lucky that I have the resources to commute to school though. Speaking of...I continue my commuting routine again tomorrow. The daily grind.
I think commuting is really cool though because even though I'm traveling through familiar places to get from point A to B, everyday is different. I see new faces, new things, and I always have a new story that comes out of it. 
I share with you some snapshots of my views from my daily commute.
♡ Goodnight ♡
Always sending you good vibes ✿

photos by me

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