Surprised to See You.

Happy Happy Wednesday & This is my 100th Blog Post!!!
I'm excited to share these shots with you because they were taken by my bestfriend, Ben!
He surprised me this week, with help from my mother, by flying to California from Ohio for spring break. I was definitely caught off guard. I had no idea what was going on because he never comes home for the smaller breaks. It was wonderful, and it made my weekend a million times better. I'm so glad he's here! 
It's funny because I didn't realize how cat-related my outfits have been until I go and actually post about them. Ahhh whatever! Like I always say, wear what makes you happy! Cats make me happy. The end. 

outfit details: shirt & flannel- Nordstrom BP; jeans - Forever 21; booties - Urban Outfitters; bag - Target. 
Photos by Ben (check out his Instagram & go follow him!)

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