Friday Photography: Walt Disney Family Museum.

Happy Friday :)
Last week, I went to the Walt Disney Family Museum with my family.  If you are a big Disney fan like I am, you definitely need to check this out.  They display Walt's family photos, drawings, stories, etc so well.  You know, Disney is always creative in anything they do.  I loved the set up and all the interactive stuff they have going on.  Very very cool.  I got very emotional and actually started crying in some of the rooms!  Haha, I am not even ashamed to share that with you.  I loved the wall showing the 300+ sketches worth 15 seconds of animation.  That was awesome.  They even had mini tv screens on that wall.  Again, they were so creative in displaying certain things in the museum.  
One of the rooms I got emotional in was the room dedicated to Mary Blair's artwork.  Since Cinderella is one of my favorite Disney Princesses, I was excited to see some original concept art for Cinderella.  This room was beautiful.  Near the ceiling of the room, they had animations of Cinderella, Peter Pan, and Alice in Wonderland.  These are all movies that Mary Blair created artwork for.  They also played songs from each movie: "So This is Love", "You Can Fly!", and "Painting the Roses Red."  "So This is Love" is one of my favorite Disney Princess songs, so I think that's what started the water works! ;) 
I also absolutely LOVED the model of Disneyland.  It was old school Disneyland, and it was fun to hear my parents talking about certain attractions that they remembered seeing in the 80's that are no longer present in today's Disneyland.  I am obsessed with little models of things, so to see a mini model of Disneyland was amazing for me.
I don't have many shots from the museum because I wanted to take it all in, so I kept my phone (or what I use as my camera, haha) in my bag for most of the tour.  I started bawling during the end of the tour because they talked about Walt Disney's death.  Ah, I couldn't hold back in the tears as I read articles that were published in the news the day after he passed away.  I felt like I was brought back to that time, and I could feel the shock and grief of those who were there to actually witness that time in history.
The museum was a fun experience for me, so I recommend that you check it out, especially if you are a Disney fan.
°o° Sending you good vibes this Friday °o°

outfit details: cardigan - Target; top - Pacsun; high waisted pants - Forever 21; bag - Forever 21; flats - Chicwish.
photos by me & my little sister :)

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