Friday Photography: Bodega Bay.

Flashback to a wonderful trip to Bodega Bay with some of my favorite people in the whole world.
Flashback to taking strolls on the beach.
Flashback to chasing waves and running away, screaming, when they caught up to us.
Flashback to visiting historic sites like The Tides Wharf Restaurant & Bar which is famous for The Birds.
Flashback to pressing pennies.
Flashback to reading about artifacts.
Flashback to chasing seagulls, feeding them bread, and celebrating when they caught pieces of bread in midair.
Flashback to taking pictures of seagulls that were just chillin'.
Flashback to capturing the little precious moments that'll I will treasure forever.

Hope your Friday night is lovely and peaceful.
I'm off to watch a marathon of Friends.
Sending you good vibes, always ✿

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