DIY: Blank Card Wall Decoration.

Supplies: as shown above, you'll need blank greeting cards, scissors, and tape!
This is a very easy DIY project, and it can be done in various ways.
You do not have to use tape.  You can use thumbtacks, staples, nails, or another kind of adhesive.  
My brother gave me a box of blank greeting cards for Christmas.  The second I opened them up, I said: "wow! What great photography! I think I'm going to put these up on my wall!"  He told me that he knew I would make a project out of them and appreciate the photography.  Ah, he knows me so well.  He also almost got me the 1950's box set.  That would have been really cool to see also.  
Anyways, let's get to the DIY:

(1) Find a good space to display your cards.  Choose a place on the wall that is clean and begging to be jazzed up with decoration.  Most importantly, choose a place that makes you happy.
(2) Look through the blank cards.  Take your time with them.  Take note of the cards that you resonate with.
(3) Plan an arrangement.  Take your most favorite cards and lay them out.  Do you want your cards to be in a uniform shape or do you want a more random look?  Make those decisions at this time.  
I wanted a more random look, so I did not really plan a look.  I simply started to tape cards onto my wall.
(4) Put the cards up.  Put those awesome cards on the wall using thumbtacks, staples, nails or another adhesive to your liking.  It's finally time to bring that decor to life!
OPTIONAL (5)  Secure loose parts.  Since they are greeting cards, they open up and create an uneven look.  I taped all of the cards closed to prevent the cards from opening up.  

This is what the cards looked like before I taped them closed.  

This is what the cards looked like after I taped them closed.  
I prefer this look over the first one, but it is entirely up to you!  If you like the open card look, go for it. :)

After step 5, you are done!
Here is my finished project.
Hope you enjoyed this DIY project.
♡ Have a lovely Saturday ♡

photos by me

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