Honeymoon Avenue.

It's easy for Ben and I to find beauty in everything, even in the ordinary.
There are many overpasses in our home town and using one as a backdrop for one of our photoshoots never occurred to me until now.
This is what we came up with.
I bet the people driving by were looking at us funny and wondering why we would take pictures here out of all places.
Growing up, our classmates in school would always talk about how boring our home town was.  Some say it still is.
But Ben and I never saw it that way.
We're constantly going on adventures, discovering beautiful locations, and drawing inspiration from everything around us.
Any place is good as long as I'm surrounded by good people.
Have a fabulous Sunday!
Sending good vibes your way :)

photos by Ben and I
Outfit details: Me → tank - Nordstrom BP; shorts - H&M; sunglasses - gift from my mother; earrings - Kultura; bag - Urban Outfitters; slippers - American Eagle
Ben → shirt & shorts - American Apparel; shoes - Urban Outfitters; sunglasses - Ray-Ban

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