Pinned Ya Again: My Disney Pin Collection.

BB-8's body spins on this pin.
The Timon pin, I believe, is LE*, but I don't know the LE* size.
A pin to celebrate the 15th Anniversary of the Lion King film release in 2009. LE of 2000*.
A pin to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Lion King film release in 2014. LE of 2000*.
One of my first pins from 1998 (left). Eeyore's tail swings left to right and 2 bubble bees dangle off the sign on this pin (right).
The Walt Disney Family Museum pin was purchased in The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco, CA (left).
Mickey and Minnie have magnets on their mouths...
...So they kiss when they come together.
The only pin I have with my name on it. Also one of my first pins ever from the 90's. Thanks Dad!
Best Friends Mystery Pin Pack. Each pack comes with 5 pins.
Couples Mystery Pin Pack. Each pack comes with 5 pins, but I'm only keeping 2 pins and trading the other 3 pins.
Just like the ride itself, the big swirly pink and purple circle spins. Mickey, Chip & Dale, and Alice also spin individually.
A pin to celebrate Disneyland's 60 Anniversary in 2015.
Sleeping Beauty's Perfume "Sweet Dreams" smelled like roses when I first opened up the plastic wrapper. This picture shows a good look at her face.
This picture shows a good look at the text on the pin. This pin is LE of 2000*. 
I adore this heavy Ellie badge pin (left). This Russell pin was only available in Hollywood, CA at the Disney Soda Fountain & Studio Store (right).
Open up the mailbox...
...and get a surprise!
Stitch as a Disneyland park guest. 
My traders (pins that I want to trade with other people). I'm still thinking about keeping a couple of these.

I've always wanted to start a collection that mattered to me.  As a kid, I collected rocks, snowglobes, posters, buttons, cards, stickers, etc. but collecting those things never turned into a permanent hobby that I was passionate about. In the summer of 2013, I realized that collecting pins was the thing for me.  I started with a couple pins from my childhood.  My dad purchased them.  He'd purchase a few here and there whenever we'd go to Disneyland, but he wasn't really into collecting them.
My pins are very special to me because they are little pieces of my interests and personality.
In case you were wondering...
I don't have a favorite pin to be honest.  I love all of them equally.
I do, however, have a soft spot for my Lion King collection though. 
I've been wanting to share my Disney pin collection for quite some time now.
But whenever I'd take pictures of my pins, I'd get new pins.  So, then I'd start all over again and retake all the pictures.  Then, I'd find a better way to display the pins, so I'd redo the pictures.  Then, I got a better camera, and so you get the idea.
I've finally come to a point where I can show them off, and I decided to take new pictures as my collection grows.  I won't have to start over each time. 
Here they are in all their glory: my Disney pins.

*LE of # - LE means LIMITED EDITION. The number indicates how many pins were made of that kind. For example, LE 2000 means there are only 2000 pins like that kind in the world! Wow! A small LE # means the pin is rare and hard to find. Pin collectors and traders often wake up early and wait in long lines just to get their hands on LE pins because they are only made in small quantities. Usually pins are made in limited quantities for special occasions (anniversaries and holidays) or because there is a unique design to the pin. I feel very lucky to have a few LE pins.

photos by me

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