It Feel Like NY, Summertime Chi: My Chicago Trip.

Happy FALL!
I can't even with this season.
Here's my last goodbye to Summer 2017.

I went to Chicago for the first time ever this past summer.
I had so many photos from New York, and here I am with almost nothing to show for Chicago. 
I felt bad about it. 
Poor Chicago...didn't get much love from me.
But I realized the lack of photos came from me focusing more on spending time with my cousins.
That makes me really happy.
The memories that I have with them means more to me than a bunch of artsy photos to blog about.
I have tons of photos and videos with them.
I had the best time exploring their hometown.
We were all really close already, but this trip made us even closer.
I love my family, and I'm so blessed to have been able to take some time off work to go visit them.

What resonated with me...

The Bean
So cool in person. It's fun to people watch at tourist spots. People were just staring at their own reflections for daaaaays. 

Biggest suburb I've ever been in. I wasn't used to the size since my hometown isn't all that big. I fell in love with this town. Driving around with my cousins, doing mundane things, I lived for those moments. Any time spent with them is time well spent. 

The parks
Lincoln Park. Millenium Park. Riverwalk in Naperville. Beautiful sites to see.

United Center
I enjoyed seeing all the Chicago Bulls team spirit. I'm from the Bay, so it's all about the Golden State Warriors around here. (GO WARRIORS!) It's awesome to see the pride in other states. This one girl was working real hard to recreate Michael Jordan's iconic pose in front of his iconic statue for a picture. She was decked out in Bulls colors. I could feel the team spirit. 

Enjoy the fall.
Spend time with your family.
Thank you for stopping by on the blog today!
Have a wonderful night.
As always, sending you good vibes :)

photos by me
...and for the first time ever...
videos by me


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