That Bujo Life: June - August 2017.

Ah, it feels good to be back (again).
This is not the first time I've disappeared from this blog, but hopefully it is the last time.
The main reason for my absence: my MacBook Pro is 6 years old and it's impossible for me to import, edit, and export files. Any time I'd try to save something (something as small as a picture or word document), my laptop would tell me I was running out of space. Ugh, so frustrating. Whatever.
So...I transferred every single file I had on my laptop onto my handy dandy EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE! Thank you so much Seagate. My laptop is empty af, and I feel so damn free.

It's the start of something new.
This is a new era.
I'm serious forreal guys.
Another new thing for me?


So in May, I got a *little* bit obsessed with watching bullet journal "plan with me" videos on Youtube. I also stalked  discovered a bunch of Instagram pages dedicated to showing off their bullet journal spreads.
I started getting inspired by all these pages.
I'm such a planner nerd.

I'm a fan of Erin Condren. I've purchased 2 of her famous LifePlanners.
The first one, I used like a mf. I was in school when I purchased it so everyday I was writing down due dates, to-do lists, etc.
The second one, I mostly just used the monthly overview pages. My weekly overview pages went to waste. I couldn't find any motivation to update my planner either. I wasn't using it daily since I graduated and all that. 
Then it hit me: bullet journals.

I tried it out in the middle of June.

My theme for June was PINK!
I was nervous that my bullet journal would turn out to be super ugly, but I was quite impressed with what I came up with for my first weekly spread.
I was not used to the spacing, so I made a note to plan my days out better for the next week.

My spacing wasn't great when it came to my Food Log either...
as it spilled onto my Brain Dump page.

I wanted a space to jot down the little everyday things I'm grateful for. 

And a space for me to hold myself accountable for certain habits I want to form.

My bullet journal is intended to be a space for me to write down whatever's on my mind (and it gives me the chance to practice my handlettering! YAY!).

By the end of June, I was getting the hang of the bullet journal system.
The best part though? I was keeping up with it!
When I was in school, everything was go go go. I had a busy schedule, and I needed to quickly jot down assignments and events. The LifePlanner by Erin Condren was perfect for that school life. The bullet journal works best for me now because some days/weeks are busier than others, and I can modify my layout whenever I need to. It isn't premade for me like other planners.

But with that being said, I completely messed up the entire page one time and got to a point where even Wite-Out wouldn't be enough to fix I folded the page in half, taped it shut, and acted like it never happened. :)

July was a sparkles, stars, and space theme.

I traveled across the country in July, so I had a lot going on everyday.

I fixed up my Food Log spread and made it 2 pages. It's so much better than my last Food Log set up.

I improved on my Habit Tracker.

I expressed my feelings about visiting Washington D.C. on 4th of July.

August theme: DAISIES!!

I decided to change up my Habit Trackers for August. I saw similar designs on Instagram and thought it was super cute, so I gave it a go. I love how it turned out. 
BTW I started my August spread late so I forgot if I flossed and stuff...haha oops

When I get excited for trips, I start making lists. Those are my Disney lists. YAY DISNEY TRIPS!

This weekly spread is one of my favorites! I like the look of it, and I'm definitely going to do it again.

I love when I need to make an extra blessings/gratitude/appreciation page. There's so much to be thankful for.
Thank YOU for stopping by and checking out my bullet journal spreads for June, July, and August. I can't wait to show you what I have going on for September already!

As always...

Sending you good vibes ♡

photos by me

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